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4-hour Special

Ideal for singers, songwriters and solo musicians. Quick setup and recording with an engineer.  

Demo Recording

10-hour session with engineer
Once the song is written to the satisfaction of the artist or producer, recording a demo is usually the next step in the music production process. A demo will allow you to audition ideas without the need to necessarily perfect them.

Drum Tracking

8-hour session with engineer

Multi track your drums while you're getting a great sound from our live room. Record with awesome mic selections and preamps at HD quality.

Vocal Tracking

4-hour session with engineer

Record vocals over your tracks and add some production. Stack the lead vocals, layer up the choruses, Adlibs, work on some edits. Use our wonderful live room for a larger or our iso booth for a tight sound. You'll get a quick mix after your session.

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Our consulting services emphasize branding and image creation as well as putting together your release structures, products and coordinating with PR.

These services can include pitching to record labels, establishing relationships with booking agents, local booking and connections with creative professionals.

At the end of the day we are dedicated to facilitating artistic development. 


PR is perhaps the most important thing a newer band can invest in so that they can get their name out their. Of course choosing the right PR can be difficult.


We are here to help!


We can help you find the right PR for your band at no cost to you.


Savaria Studios is all about supporting the clients and helping your band grow to the best of its potential.



We are partnered with the digital distributor TUNECORE – a great start for any unsigned band!

Not only that but we can get you distribution on your first single, including placement on Spotify, iTunes and other key platforms for free!


We are also working together with Tunecore on cross promotional educational platforms and sponsorship opportunities to help out bands like yours!


Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.


We assist in strategizing and finding appropriate structure to handle each release.

Our social media experts will help grow your fanbase and drive sales.

Clients can use our services for one-off campaigns or full-time management.


Work with acclaimed professional journalists to create your Bio.

Press Kit

Professional electronic press kit (EPK) that you can use to market your band to booking agents, managers, PR companies, venues or whatever else you should happen to need.


Press Release

Professional press release put together for your latest record, tour, single or whatever else you might need.


Full Marketing Plan Creation

Full unique 20-30 page marketing plan


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