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Formed in the high powered Brooklyn metal scene, The Unbroken are rising out of the murk and taking the world by storm. A band dedicated to punk rock ethics and a vicious modern metal sound that goes for the throat they develop on the work of their influences, bands like Metallica, Pantera and Slipknot in order to cultivate something greater. Human Crown EP co-produced by John Bender (Breaking Benjamin), mixed by Johan Meyer (Gojira) and mastered by Alan Douches (High On Fire, Mastodon).

Produced by Tamas [owner of Savaria Studios]

Patrick Carmichael - The Table of Elements

I’ve been a full time drummer for more than 30 years, playing everything from rock, jazz, Broadway gigs, recording projects, and touring.  In addition, I’ve always been writing and composing, which has resulted in 2 original albums, and some prestigious licensing placements.  During the last few years, I’ve taken to social media to present fun and quirky videos that showcase my drumming and my music.  The discovery of stop motion animation 2 years ago has helped me elevate my videos to a unique new level.  


My latest video, “The Table of Elements”, combines just about every passion of mine: music writing (particularly with a dramatic lounge flair), drums and percussion, flute playing, and stop motion animation.  As well, some visual elements in the video, like rugs, vinyl records, and books represent some of my hobbies.  It took a while to create, as stop motion animation is an extremely painstaking and time consuming process.  Each shot of the conductor took up to 3 hours to create, but some of the more complex sequences, like the wind or the earth scene,LS,  took days.

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