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Newsletter - July 2017

Welcome once again to our newsletter!

We have been grinding away this last month to bring you the best possible studio experience.

We've been locking in some festival dates affiliated with Savaria, working on new types of

content and doing our best to help educate our bands.

Most relevant to you guys, shift your eyes to the top left we have our new BLOG section which contains a lot of valuable tips from industry professionals to help grow your band!
Topics include Touring, Show Markets, PR, Record deals....etc. 

The latest one, linked below talks about whether or not your band needs a label.
This is an issue a lot of us struggle with and one we know impacts a lot of bands
at the Savaria level.

Check out THE BLOG Section HERE

On top of that we have new clients and successful new partnerships with everyone from bands to major New York City independent music events. We were even able to contribute 50 hours of free studio time to musicians in our community in order to help everyone grow!
Feels good to give back!!!

Please visit

Studio Update

We also have a post production and mixing service for you guys to take advantage of after recording at Savaria. Chester, is a talented producer with a magnificent SSL board. We can handle all of your post production and mixing needs.

Metal Mixing Session

Running the good ol SSL 4000G+ and a few awesome out board gear.
Results are fantastic.

Chaka Chocolate

We had a fun time working with Chaka on his African infused dance music. 

It's always an honor to get to record with a new artist, especially one a little outside our normal genre.


We even recently had a chance to attend the band's last show of their 2 year tour. These guys still have amazing energy getting close to 60!!! The opener GHOST was fantastic too.

Here's a short footage

Please do check in if you need any help with anything - we would love to help in any way we can.


Keep on keeping on guys! We're looking forward to checking back in next month!

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